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Have a look through our journey to see how it all started and why we are dedicated to provide the best service to our clients.


As a successful Australian owned business we understand the challenges you face, from making effective business decisions to maximising your net worth. Powe Partners has been helping businesses and individuals navigate and chart the complex waters of business and taxation for more than 30 years.

We have never forgotten our success is built on forging highly personal relationships with our clients. Simply put, the more we invest in understanding you, your family and your business, the more valuable the insight we can offer. The result? Maximized return on the time and effort you invest to meet your business, family and personal goals. Our enthusiasm for our work means you are provided with a friendly team of professionals who are eager to help you succeed.


Powe Partners was Founded

Brian W Powe incorporated  B W Powe & Co Pty Ltd [CPA] on 25th June 1985.

Growth and Development
Growth and Development
During this time, three new Principals came on board, Lin B Chen, Greg D Miller and Phillip A Bonny, the Practice changed its name to Powe Partners Pty Ltd. Brian W Powe, the founder  retired on 5th July 2007.
Transition to new well-experienced practitioners
The company was transferred to new well-experienced practitioners including, Evan O’Rourke and Trent Robinson.
Current to Date
Current to Date

Powe Partners practice continues to provide a wide range of Services, including: Accounting, Taxation, Superannuation and many other related Services, with that personal care you can depend upon from a true  Accounting Practice

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